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“Yesterday, with great pleasure, and easy nostalgic sadness I pulled out of the closet my favorite vinyl record of “Melody” company. I dusted the record, put it on, sat down gently in a chair and stood waiting for a miracle. The wonder occurred again. At the moment the room, and my soul with it, had been taken as prisoners by the warmth of the sound. The charming sound that can be compared only with a ringing clear creek, light sea breeze of native but such a far away Capri (I wish I could visit it). Sound that may be similar only with a bright “parade” of all colors, with just born rainbow after the rain in the suburbs of Moscow or in the native Don steppes. Feeling by which one wish to share this minute with a close and loved person … and unfortunately it did not succeed again, and it is so sorry…” From the composition of the 10th grade students, school №57. Rostov-on-Don. Apatenko Sergei.

I think you guessed, we are talking about a magical, inimitable voice of the boy from the sunny Italy – Robertino Loreti. The boy who shocked the world onу day and truly earned the eternal love of the admirers.

Probably no one would ever have thought that in 1989 Russia for the first time would accept the exponent of the famous “O Sole Mio” in the form of a rabbit from the movie “Just you wait”, young forever “Jamaica”.

This year was a milestone in my life also. He was my idol, he remains so to this day. Being a boy, I tried to imitate him in everything, and when I was called the “Robertino Loreti 2” – I was happy.

Today Roberto as always is forceful and energetic, he is the same sincere and cheerful, continues to give warmth of his heart and soul to his fans in Italy, Norway, China, Finland. His unique and inimitable voice, not children one, became through years even more beautiful, like a mellow cognac.

I am proud of the started long-planned project “Robertino Loreti. Return to forever” this year. And I am glad that it has begun with joint concerts in his motherland.

I know it would be a great pleasure for many people to touch the creative work of STAR: meetings, communication, old and new works. Roberto has special, true love to our viewers and admirers.

Friends! Our project – it is not just concerts and meetings! At the personal request of Roberto – it is the institution of the youth festival of talents and gifted children, the preparation to publication and presentation of the long-awaited book- autobiographyof Robertino Loreti – “Once it happened to me… “. In the future, by the forces of admirers and fans of Robertino Loreti, we are planning to present the collected archive and feature film about life the coming-to-be of Robertino to the world.

Let me introduce you our team of like-minded people, they are – Bortolo Djelfi, Olesya Malakhovskaya, Fabrizio Mashi, Marco Raffaini, Vyacheslav Shport, Alexander Zakharov, Maxim Zhdanov, Anton Inyutsin, me and Robertino and many, many others …

Today, we are pleased to invite you to the club “Admirers of Robertino Loreti”. Every news, archival documents, photos are important to us. And of course, the suggestions from various parts of the world about the desire to participate in our meetings and concerts.

With deep respect and love

Sergey Apatenko (Rostovskiy)

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